Wellbeing is created from the building blocks of healthy Nutritional and Lifestyle Strategies.

Nutritional Health implies a more balanced, natural, and energetically holistic way of finding and delivering essential nutrients, cooperative organisms, and important natural compounds for the individual’s unique needs.

Nutritional Health is also intimately tied into our daily and lifestyle activities and they can be seen as 2 sides of a coin. A dietary intake that respects our body’s natural balance and in conjunction with conducting a regular pattern of healthy lifestyle choices is what activates our bodies for it’s highest levels of function and health. We should also realize this also applies to mood and conscious health. With the combination of a functional, healthy body and balanced mood states, we can find our true sense of Wellbeing.

Our Nutritional and Lifestyle Consultants are:

Christian Le, MD

Kathryn Kloos, ND

Jessical Peatross, MD

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