These are the Most Common Frequently Asked Question:


What is a Cannabis Consultation?

Cannabis Consultations are quickly becoming one of our most popular appointments. These appointments are with experts in the field that can educate you on how Cannabis might help with a condition you are looking to treat with Cannabis. You can ask question and get informed answers from people who work with Medical Cannabis full time. For instance, you can ask how to self treat your pain and get guidance from someone who has helped many people.

How can I reach Oregon Health Authority regarding my license?

OHA receives phone calls M-F 12:00 – 4:00 971-673-1234.  We love to help our patients, however, you need to contact them yourself regarding your application status. They will now let us ask questions on your behalf. They also have a comprehensive website.

How long does it take to get my card, after my appointment with Green Earth Medicine?

OHA keeps an updated schedule on their website to let you know what week of paperwork they are processing. Typically, you should receive a letter from OHA letting you know that your paperwork has been received within 2 business weeks and your card should follow within the month.

When can I renew my OMMP card?

Cardholders must renew registration every year. The OMMP must receive your completed renewal application by the current registration expiration date. Otherwise, your registration card will no longer be valid and you will no longer be protected from civil and criminal penalties.

Do not renew too early. You can renew 90 days before your current registration expires. Therefore, the Attending Physician’s Statement must be signed within that 90 day period, otherwise, it will not be valid.

What if my card has expired?

If you have let your medical card lapse, you can simply apply for a new card. Schedule an appointment with us and we can walk you through the process.

What if I just moved to Oregon and want to get an OMMP card?

Oregon requires that you show proof of residency to receive your OMMP card. An Oregon driver’s license or ID can be used as proof of residency. You may also use a copy of an Oregon lease or mortgage or a Utility Bill with your name clearly stated.

If you are in the process of moving to Oregon, but do not yet have proof of residency, your paperwork is valid for 90 days before it must be received by OMMP. Therefore, you have time after your appointment to get proper proof of residency.

Why should I get my OMMP card?

 Protect your legal medical rights and privacy with an OMMP card. Also, cannabis purchases made in Oregon are tax exempt.

How much marijuana can I have in my possession with an OMMP card?

Oregon periodically changes these numbers, therefore, please stay informed about your rights. OHA keeps an updated website with the most current information available.

●  A patient may possess upto 24 ounces of dried usable medical marijuana (dried leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant and any mixture or preparation.) Seeds, stalks, and roots of the plant do not count toward the 24 ounces of dried usable marijuana.

● You may grow six mature medical marijuana plants (plants with flowers, 12 inches in height or 12 inches in diameter).

● You can possess 18 medical marijuana seedlings (plants with no flowers, less than 12 inches in height and less than 12 inches in diameter).

● Hence, patients, caregivers, and growers combined, may possess up to 24 ounces, 6 mature plants, and 18 seedlings.

I am a minor and would like to get my OMMP card.

Green Earth Medicine chooses not to sign OMMP paperwork for minors at this time. Thank you for understanding.

Do I have to tell the OMMP if I change my mailing address, add or remove a caregiver, grower, or change my grow site address?

You must notify the OMMP of any address changes. To change any information regarding your OMMP card, please fill out the Change of Information Request Form.  You do not need to come see us but the State will require a fee for any changes made to your account.

What other services do you offer at your Clinics?

We offer Massage Therapy in Bend, Grants Pass, and Portland. Our CBD massages are very popular.  Request a massage appointment here.

These are are most common frequently asked questions, but don’t hesitate to call if you have more questions. We are always happy to help.