Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 1.57.38 PMCannabis is among the most ancient of human medicines and now with modern scientific understanding of the cannabis compounds, we can help you achieve more beneficial healing properties of cannabis self-therapy. Our physicians are specialized in the field of cannabis sciences and therapeutics.

With the ever increasing scientific evidence of the safety, effectiveness, and health-promoting effects of cannabis, all patients with valid medical conditions should be well educated and informed on the ideal approaches to self-treatment with cannabis. There are vast differences between medical and recreational cannabis use.

Our consulting physicians are MD’s with extensive medical practices and training in Western medical care but are also specialists in cannabinoid scientific research and natural herbal/plant extracts, vitamin infusions and other progressive and safe techniques of treatments.

Learn from our experienced physicians how to use cannabis and new integrative methods to its maximal benefits. Our cannabis & medical consultations services are also available to clients all over the world via phone consults and video chat consults.

Our consultation goals for you are to:

  • Collect and thoroughly review and understand your medical problem
  • Educate and describe the ideal cannabinoid approach to for your treatment
  • Guide you how to get off harmful pharmaceutical drugs and use natural approaches as much as possible
  • Teach you how to use cannabis without the unwanted side effects such as being “high”
  • Help you utilize cannabinoids to promote healing and increase daily functioning
  • Guide you on what kinds of cannabis products to use and what to avoid at dispensaries
  • Provide an expanded set of integrative and natural approaches to healing your condition
  • Provide routine follow-up care for those patients wishing to have ongoing specialized treatments
  • To provide our services in a conscious, compassionate and supportive spirit of caring

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