Green Earth Medicine- A Revolutionary Approach to Medical Cannabis

Green Earth Medicine- A Revolutionary Approach to Medical Cannabis

Dr. Christian Le is our Medical Cannabis Specialist and founder of Green Earth Medicine Clinics. His passion and specialty is the scientific understanding behind how variaous cannabinoid and terpinoid profiles of different strains of cannabis interacts with different disease states.

He has witnessed his patients make amazing recoveries from diseases that conventional healthcare systems believe to be incurable. The more he’s witnessed these amazing results from the accurate and targeted use of cannabis profiles, the more evident it became that more research needs to be conducted in this field. His goal is to educate patients to understand cannabis for medical purposes and is not a supporter of cannabis abuse for recreation.

Green Earth Medicine Clinics are not you average allopathic medical or OMMP clinics. They are a revolutionary approach to integrative health care and medical cannabis.  The environments are professional, calm, and full of compassionate staff members. Not only is their a doctor on staff, but you also have access to a variety of alternative practitioners. Because our theory is that there are many healing modalities and healthcare models that can work together.  Consequently, our goal is to set up a unique healthcare plan with you recommending the treatment and practitioners that are specific to your condition and unique constitution.

We imagine you many have never experienced a healthcare environment like this! Due to our immense passion for Medical Cannabis, we find so much passion in educating patients. Most of all, we would love to hear your feedback and testimonials about how Medical Cannabis or Green Earth Medicine has affected your life!

Please to email your testimonial or Medical Cannabis related story to us!

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