CBD Tinctures- Now Available

Green Earth Medicinals CBD Tinctures

  • The Most Scientifically Advance CBD in Oregon
  • Developed by Team of Doctor, PhD and Master Herbalist
  • Organically Sourced Full Spectrum Hemp*
  • Special Low-THC Medical Hemp*
  • Full Spectrum of Cannabinoids & Terpenes for Outstanding Health Effects
  • No Psychoactive Effects (“high”)— Safe for daytime use, driving and at work*
  • Ideal support for the following conditions: Pain, Inflammation, Cancer, Depression/Anxiety, PTSD, Seizure Disorder, Autism & ADD, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, And much more…*

About Green Earth Medicinals:

Green Earth Medicinals is based on principles of care, as well as, quality. First off, GEM is founded by a board-certified physician and formulated by highly experienced clinical herbalists and scientists, as well.  Secondly, Green Earth Medicinals tinctures and products have been developed to provide patients and practitioners with products that are safe, effective, and uniquely consistent. Lastly, Green Earth Medicinals has aligned with leading experts to provide a line of the highest-grade CBD products to support health and well-being.*

The Team:

The Green Earth Medicinals (GEM) team members are medical practitioners creating scientific, targeted, and therefore, standardized products to support individual patient needs. Our GEM product development team is composed of highly experienced clinicians and researchers within the Cannabis and Natural Products industries.  With over 50 years of combined clinical and scientific expertise. Bringing 28 years of medical practice and being a leading expert in Cannabis medicine, Dr. Christian Le has brought this extensive experience to GEM.  Hence, GEM tinctures and products are built on the vision and deep knowledge of our experienced team of clinicians and researchers.

*These statements have not yet been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness.

5 thoughts on “CBD Tinctures- Now Available”

  1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been in terrible pain nerve damage for the last 15 years. I had to choose between being doped up on pain pills to the point that I could not function or be in pain so bad that I could not hardly move. I read an article about CBD oil and thought I would give it a try. What a godsend. My nerve damage is completely gone and I can function again. Thank you again.

    1. Calvin, we are so happy to hear that you have found such great relief with our CBD product! Thank you for your kind words and may you continue on this path of healing. Be well! The GEM team

    1. Hi Lisa, Thank you for purchasing our oil! Give us a call at 503-272-8781 and we can talk to you a little bit about our product and what we recommend.

  2. Hello, I would love to see some info added on your website. Such as how many milligrams are in a bottle and is your source organic?

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