Integrative Wellness Solutions and Specialized Cannabis Consultations

Green Earth Medicine Clinics is a Cannabis Specialized Medical Practice providing up-to-date scientific and therapeutic consultations; as well as, Integrative Wellness Services. Experienced specialist are difficult to find, but look no further. Cannabis medicine is our specialty.

Cannabis Doctors Specializing in Cannabis Scientific Research & Development

Holistic Health Specialists, Naturopathic Doctors, Therapeutic Massage & other Wellness Services

OMMP Licensing for Oregon, California, & Washington

Our specialists are researchers, educators, and leaders in cannabis medicine .  The medical staff at Green Earth Medicine are highly respected experts in cannabis medical science and are here to provide you with deep and integrated consultations that answers your questions about using cannabis safely and effectively for your health conditions.

We focus on a holistic picture of human health and wellness. We believe that Wellbeing is the ultimate goal– a health of the body, mind and spirit. Our goal is to provide healing and health expanding options to serve this goal of Wellness.

Besides our highly specialized and scientifically supported approaches to cannabis strategies, we also provide important integrative wellness services that include: Therapeutic Massages of multiple modalities, Naturopathic Care, Nutritional & Lifestyle Therapies, Consciousness Therapy for Optimal Mood and more.